The Fat Duck

The Fat Duck is a three Michelin star restaurant and our standards are correspondingly high. We have an exceptional reputation and work here is precise, skilful and demanding – sometimes even a little obsessive. It is also stimulating, creative, enjoyable and fun. The Fat Duck experience is not quite a story but more of a journey, one that begins the moment our guests have booked their seat. It is based on Heston Blumenthal’s favourite nostalgic moments, full of adventure, curiosity, discovery and playfulness. Naturally the people we recruit need to have experience relevant to the job, but equally important to us is your passion, energy and determination.

The Opportunities

Working at The Fat Duck provides an inimitable experience for passionate and skilled chefs and front of house staff. Development is always encouraged, and everyone is an integral member of the team to make every visit the absolute best it can be for our guests.

Edward Cooke, Head Chef

Our Stories

Ryan Wheeler, Assistant Restaurant Manager

I joined The Fat Duck in 2016 as a Junior Waiter. The support I received was absolutely fantastic and I was taught everything I needed to know from greeting guests to preparing liquid nitrogen cocktails for them.

The working environment is great; I feel truly motivated coming to work each day and inspired at the end of each service.

There are so many opportunities at The Fat Duck, from learning all about the world of coffee and wine to actively having a creative input in the guest experience.

You soon realise that The Fat Duck is such a unique place full of endless possibilities.